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XTH Sense

XTH Launches XTH Sense Bio Sensor For Music, Games & VR

“The rise of our biology as the new digital interface is upon us.”

Imagine you could use the unique way your body moves to create sounds, interact with connected devices – even virtual reality (VR)? That’s what the team from XTH is promoting with XTH Sense the first ‘biocreative instrument’ which has just gone onto Kickstarter. Only available in limited numbers via the campaign, the open source wearable tech is aims to unite body movement and connecting technology.

XTH’s co-founder Heidi Boisvert commenting that “The rise of our biology as the new digital interface is upon us; our bodies can become a powerful medium each containing a unique and distinct message. With this guiding influence we took a radical approach to the current wearable market. Instead of using technology to examine and quantify our biology, we are seeking to understand and amplify the creative and human expression of our bodies.”

You can find out more about XTH Sense here.

XTH Sense

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