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3DRudder Turns VR Controllers Upside Down With Foot Motion Controls

This new controller may be something new to get to grips with but could be a step in the right direction.

There is already a somewhat vast range of different controllers and moving chairs for virtual reality (VR) including guns such as Revolvr, small pods to sit on like VRGO, and whole-body experiences including the recently acknowledged Wizdish. The newest concept to be added to the list is a feet-based motion controller which is what 3DRudder has developed.

The 3DRudder, to be used while seated only, requires the VR user to control their experiences with their feet, leaving their hands free to grab, push, shoot, and pull, according to the developers. The foot-centric controller makers explain that the 3DRudder is becoming increasingly relevant has gamepads used for videogaming become irrelevant in VR due to the need of physical movement rather than the push of a button, giving a “much-needed dynamic to VR”.

Stanislas Chesnais, CEO of the France-based company, 3DRudder, talks of the ease that users will experience when trying to get used to and understand the relatively unique controller, saying: “One sentence is enough to explain the basic movements: “Just tilt the device forward to move forward in the game”. One more sentence to explain how to move up or down. The user discovers on her own how to go backward, strafe right or left, rotate to the right or to the left… It comes naturally to her.”

The developers ensure the positives of the new piece of VR hardware, explaining that there are three main benefits listed by the developers: it frees the hands and lets the user do more, is natural and intuitive, and can be used for hours without fatigue.

The foot-based motion controller, 3DRudder, is on the market at $179 USD and is currently available on their website where the company exclusively sells the product.

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