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AR App Adds the Bad and the Ugly to the George W. Bush Library Exhbit

The artist turns down the glorification of the US president

Many well-known names are making their ways over to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with documentaries and shows created, drawing in more interest from fans. But, one figure may not be as pleased as most, and fans are certainly not going to be inspired, now that an AR app has been created to add a more balanced side of facts to the already relatively positive George W. Bush Library exhibit.

The way that Ellen Chenoweth, the creator of the AR app, curated the app was by taking 10 pictures from the already existing exhibit in the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas that can be recognised, and would therefore show up additional information to balance out the mostly positive nature of the library. As pictured below, to accompany the statement of the US being a nation of freedom, there are pictures that under his power show that his statement wasn’t as transparent as intended.

george w bush ar

In a report by Fast Co. Design, Chenoweth spoke of her motivation behind creating the project: “If you went though the library and you were a young person or weren’t around for those years, you’d have no hint that was any debate or controversy in those eight years,” Chenoweth says. “He was a hugely controversial president, and the installations scrape away all the interesting parts about it. Although I focused on Bush, there are 12 other presidential libraries. The system is funded by public and private money, and they have this hybrid nature where they’re trying to serve different purposes.”

The app can be downloaded for free from Layar, the application Chenoweth used to create this AR experience that allows users to add digital content to what the phone captures through its camera, and users will be able to use it whil

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