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Be the Bad Guy in Google Daydream Exclusive Underworld Overlord

Otherworld Entertainment is developing a tower defence title for Google Daydream.

Now that Google’s big virtual reality (VR) announcement regarding a new head-mounted display (HMD) has come and gone, developers are starting to reveal the projects they’re working on for the headset. OtherSide Entertainment has announced that it’s Google Daydream project is called Underworld Overlord.  

The studio describes the videogame as an ‘action/strategy’ that mixes tower defence and ‘god game’ mechanics into one immersive title. Players take the role of a dungeon master who controls a horde of monsters and various traps in an effort to stop adventurers coming in and stealing treasure. As attacks unfold players direct forces and build defences in a bid to thwart your enemies.

Underworld Overlord screenshot

Underworld Overlord is specifically tailored to the capabilities of the Daydream platform, developed by a team of VR and Android experts in close collaboration with Google,” says OtherSide creative director Paul Neurath. “It’s a stand-alone game, but connects to the upcoming Underworld Ascendant, sharing creatures, characters, and rich lore. The Underworld franchise has a history of pioneering immersive video games, so bringing it to VR is a natural fit.”

VR support was teased for Underworld Ascendant back in February 2015 prior to OtherSide Entertainment completing a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign the following month. The team were experimenting with the Oculus Rift HMD, but little has been revealed since then on further VR plans. It’s welcome to hear the developer still plans to support VR but now there will be two videogames that go hand-in-hand with each other.

Other studios also confirmed to be working on Google Daydream include nDreams, EA and Resolution Games. The latter also announced its own title for the new HMD. Called Wonderglade, Resolution Games will be aiming for a more family friendly approach with a carnival themed experience.

There’s no further details on when a release may take place but VRFocus will bring you the latest details as we get them.

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