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CNH Industrial’s Google Cardboard App Showcases its Global Machinery Brands

Explore the machines that operate around the world with this app from CNH Industrial.

There’s a multitude of global companies exploring the use of virtual reality (VR) as a brand marketing tool. Car manufacturers, breweries, airlines even cereal firms bringing VR to the breakfast table. But its not just firms who have products selling direct to the general consuming public that are using the tech, CNH Industrial, through 12 different brands, manufactures machinery from buses to diggers and more, is using VR to promote itself.

Through its The World of CNH Industrial app on Android and iOS, you can learn all about CNH Industrial, what it builds, what the machines are capable of doing. Life Boats saving lives in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Combine Harvesters collecting enough grapes to make 20,000 bottles of wine in a day, an excavator from Case Construction Equipment that can lift the weight of four elephants or a hybrid bus from Heuliez Bus that saves 25 tons of emitted CO2 per year in comparison to a normal bus.

CNH Industrial App - Digger

The app can be used with Google Cardboard or similar head-mounted displays (HMDs) for the full immersive experience. In which you’ll be able to navigate through different locations just by looking, taking you between the different areas each machine could be found. Alternatively, The World of CNH Industrial can also be viewed without a HMD, operating in full screen mode and controlled with the touch screen.

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