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Co-Founder of Phaser Lock Interactive Forms VR Studio and Announces Inbound Launch

John Nagle goes from Final Approach to space mining defence with new studio

Phaser Lock Interactive released its virtual reality (VR) title, Final Approach, alongside the launch of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) earlier this year, and the development company is no stranger to the liked of VR and how to create a compelling game in the new tech. Taking that valuable knowledge and experience, it has now been announced that the Co-Founder of Phaser Lock Interactive has formed his own studio, Gyoza Games, and is now releasing its first title, Inbound.

The news was first reported in the latest episode of VRTV that aired today as John Nagle told the show and VRFocus of the first videogame to come of the VR-exclusive studio. Nagle describes the basic concept of the title, what to expect, and ensures us that he won’t be stepping to far away from what he has achieved at Phaser Lock Interactive, saying: “Inbound is VR arcade awesomeness, combining elements of classic missile defense and some elements of active tower defense (where the player is physically operating the defensive weaponry.) It will feature some scale gameplay modes.”


The setting of Inbound is on various asteroid mining colonies which are being attacked by rival mining operations, and the attacks range from aerial assaults from projectiles and different spacecraft, to ground assaults from various mechs and ground-based vehicles. The gameplay seems to have a deep feel to it and is described as “fast-paced with major emphasis on replay, competition, timing, and asset/resource management”.

The space defence title is to come out June of this year and will first be available on the HTC Vive, followed by the Oculus Rift, and then the Oculus Touch when it is released.

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