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Coming Up on VRTV #6: Negotiator VR, EVE Fanfest, News & More

4PM Games shares details on NegotiatorVR and see how CCP Games’ event got dominated by VR.

For the sixth instalment of VRTV there will be the usual news round-up for those of you wanting the biggest headlines that emerged over the past two weeks, an insight into a brand new Kickstarter campaign for an award-winning game, and there has also been a step taken away from the usual two-interview format as the team flies over to Reykjavik in Iceland to fill viewers in on the latest happenings over at CCP Games’ EVE Fanfest.

The first guest to feature in this episode is Bojan Brbora from 4PM Games to share news of a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Negotiator VR, a multichoice investigative title which puts players’ strategic, logical and moral abilities to the test. Brbora and the team at 4pm Games has already received an award for Negotiator VR at Pocket Gamer Connects this year for Very Big Indie Pitch, despite still needing to finish the videogame. There will be more information about the game from Brbora himself which ensures in-depth highlights. NegotiatorVR_1 Following the chat with Bojan Brbora comes the interesting twist in this episode of VRTV where the whole team find themselves in the land of intricately named volcanoes, the mysterious puffins, and the main HQ for CCP Games. EVE Fanfest comes around each year, and this year VR was bigger than ever with the ratio of 3:1 of VR to non-VR events, including EVE: Valkyrie, Gunjack, and the much-praised new addition that got Fanfest-goers sweaty: Project Arena.

During this feature you will see the likes of Hilmar Veigar, CEO of CCP Games, developers from each of the VR games, as well as some not as well-known faces which stood out during the three-day event. If you’re wondering where the competition is after finding out about what’s going to feature: don’t worry, we brought you back some souvenirs (and it’s not a mug with ‘Iceland’ on it). There are themed prizes from EVE Fanfest but there isn’t a straight-forward question to answer to get your hands on the EVE goodie bag, so make sure you stay tuned until the end of the segment to find out what you have to do.

When does the next episode air, you ask? Expect this packed episode to go live tomorrow at 3pm GMT right here on VRFocus. If you want to keep up with the latest on VRTV follow Zeena Al-Obaidi and VRFocus on Twitter and feel free to get in touch. Until then, stay with VRFocus for the latest news, updates and features in VR.

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