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Coming Up on VRTV #8: Imagination Technologies, McDonalds VR Roadshow & More

Here’s what to expect of the next episode and the future of VRTV

Last week saw two studios at different levels come together and discuss topics and issues that cross over video productions in VR, no matter the size of the company. Dr Cyril Godart, CEO of Virtual Insight, sat down to talk about the studio’s main projects of teaching piano through a series of VR lessons that lead to a grand finale of playing in a concert, and Matt Morgan of Infinite360, the first studio in the UK to have received the Nokia OZO, spoke about how the studio is putting the professional-grade camera to its full use including live broadcast. Next week will see another VR-filled episode and VRTV will also have another chance to get out of the studio to see what is going on around the UK.

First up on the show will be Alexandru Voica, Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Imagination Technologies, who will be giving an insight into how VR graphics for mobile devices is developed and is pushing forward. It is common that consumers are very much in the know of what graphics cards there are for their PCs as it is much more customisable on a personal level, and Voica speaks to share what we can expect of the mobile-market, and how that market is closing in on PC capabilities.

VRTV will then take a trip outside of the studio to check out how make[REAL] and McDonalds are getting on with the start-up of their Follow Our Footsteps campaign. make[REAL] is a sister company of Tammeka Games, the makers of Radial-G, and it has invited VRTV down to its studio in Brighton to try out the VR videogames that feature on the roadshow created by the Big Mac makers, and will talk about how the studio came to creating and developing the videogames. VRTV will also be attending the first show in England that will take place in Bristol to take a look at how show-goers are taking the VR mini-games, and how effective the addition is to the campaign as a whole.

There will not be a competition this week, which links in with what was teased in the previous post regarding VRTV: this will be the last episode of this season. VRTV has gotten off to a great start, but this is far from a goodbye as it will be back later this year with a makeover to ensure the show is the best it can be. In the meantime, VRFocus will be producing another series of videos over the summer months featuring Zeena, so keep an eye out for announcements. In place of the competition will be an open discussion where viewers are encouraged to share what they would want from the forthcoming season of VRTV, and all suggestions are welcome.

VRTV #8 can be expected to go live next Thursday, 2nd June, at the usual slotted time of 3pm BST. In the meantime, for the latest news, updates, and developments in the world of VR make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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