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Cubey Tube Brings Simplistic Arcade to the Gear VR

Use your gaze to avoid cubes and power up through five different levels

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the more easily accessible platforms for simpler arcade games with its limited controls, but this in no way means it is any less enjoyable than the likes of the more intricate HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The latest “concepts” arcade virtual reality (VR) title to hit the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) is Cubey Tube, which has just launched.

Cubey Tube is a pretty simple arcade title, but with simple concepts comes easy fun, which is the same principle many other arcade games have depended on. The title is described as “the ultimate cube dodging game”, which pretty much sums up exactly what it’s about. As the screenshots clearly show, there is a linear road in which the player must take in order to reach the end, but during the journey there are many obstacles in the shape of cubes. The player must use their gaze to direct the path they take with the Gear VR HMD. As well as the obstacles, however, there are power-ups which enhance the skill and way in which the player can advance through the levels.

cubey tube

The levels that feature in Cubey Tube are far from stale as there are five different tubes to avoid cubes in, resulting in what the developers call “chaos”. However there aren’t simply five completable levels to get through, but there is also an Endless mode in which the player much continue for as long as they possibly can, with a twist hinted by the developers in the description of the videogame: “Hopefully you aren’t afraid of the dark!”

Cubey Tube is currently available for the Gear VR HMD on the Oculus Store with no price tag to be seen.

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