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Epic Games: ‘We plan to support Gear VR as long as Gear VR wants to be Gear VR’

Epic Games state Gear VR support in Unreal Engine 4 isn’t going anywhere, despite the commitment to Google’s Daydream.

Google’s announcement of the upcoming Daydream mobile virtual reality (VR) platform has caused quite a stir in the development community. Epic Games has been taking part in the discussion, revealing that the company is committed to supporting the head-mounted display (HMD). This has lead to many questions about continued Gear VR support in Unreal Engine 4, but according to Epic Games this isn’t going anywhere.


Broadcast in a currently ongoing livestream at twitch.com/unrealengine today, entitled ‘UE4 Supports Daydream, Live from Google I/O’, Epic Games’ Technical Director, Nick Whiting, was directly answering questions from the development community. A number of these questions directly addressed the future of Gear VR development, including the future of support for the platform given Epic Games’ urgency in allowing development for Daydream.

In response to a question from a concerned developer about whether or not incorporating the recently released Daydream plugin into their build of Unreal Engine 4 could potentially break their Gear VR projects, Whiting confirmed that is in fact an entirely different stream, just as with any other project. Continuing the line of questioning regarding Gear VR development, Whiting committed to future support for the platform: ”We plan to support Gear VR as long as Gear VR wants to be Gear VR. It’s an awesome platform. We love all platforms,” stated Whiting.

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The official Unreal Engine 4 plugin for Google’s Daydream launched today, and will be incorporated into the full Unreal Engine 4.12 build next month. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Unreal Engine 4 as a development platform for VR.

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