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Doll City screenshot 2

Explore The Cyberpunk Universe of Doll-CityVR on HTC Vive

HTC Vive gets a free demo set in a cyberpunk universe.

This weekend saw a flurry of videogames arrive for HTC Vive on Steam. Yon Paradox, Insane Decay of Mind and Periodinica all launched at discounted rates. A free demo also launched in that mix which was Doll-CityVR, an action/adventure title based on the cyberpunk universe of comic book Potentiel.

Developed by GaelDK , Fabien Spiess, Antoine Rigitano and Serge Sentis, Doll-CityVR combines a mixture of various ideas drenched across a futuristic cityscape. After only two days the team has already begun updating the videogame from player feedback.

Doll City screenshot 1

Features and fixes implemented in the 1.1 update include: tutorial parts have been reworked, improvements have been made to the controls for the 3rd person mode, 2 more graphic settings have been added, the teleport colour has been changed to green, the angle of the gun in first-person has been changed and loading times have been reduced.

More updates will follow as the developers receive further feedback from HTC Vive players. But as is the case for all studios creating content for the head-mounted display (HMD), if HTC can’t get the devices out quick enough then that user base isn’t going to grow at a sufficient rate.

VRFocus will continue its coverage on the latest HTC Vive releases.

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