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Gamingvisor Wants to Bring VR-Like Experience to All PC and Console Games With Crowdfunding

Use this HMD to look around using your head instead of a controller

The industry of virtual reality (VR) gaming so far is a battle between hardware developers to create the ultimate head-mounted display (HMD), but there is currently not much leeway in terms of cross-platform between console and PC gaming, but it is hard to tell before the PlayStation VR comes out in October. The Gamingvisor Kickstarter campaign, however, wishes to dominate the VR HMD competition by producing hardware that can create an immersive experience for all PC and console games.

It may sound like an idealistic prospect, but in its campaign it is said that “the visionary concept of VR finally becomes a reality”. Gamingvisor – although not strictly what is previously considered to be VR – aims to utilise both hardware and software to create an experience for players to see into what they are playing. The HMD has head-tracking, and so it changes where the player should be looking in the game. This use of head-tracking, and with its design, is meant to reduce eye fatigue and motion discomfort.

gaming visor

In order for Gamingvisor to be multi-platform, controllers are interchangeable, including consoles such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even for PC. There is no discrimination of types of videogame experiences as it promises to be built for FPS, racing, simulators, and even RPGs.

As previously said, this HMD isn’t what most would call VR, as it allows both 2D and 3D, but isn’t necessarily as interactive as most HMDs. It is stated that every backer will receive a set of 3D lenses, and 3D is the only option available for PC.

Backers can expect the HMD to have a controller included with it if the goal of €50,000 EUR is reached, with the current amount at over half of the needed goal with 43 days to go.

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