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GoPro Puts Omni Rig to the Test in First Footage Release

See how the 6-camera VR rig is shown off in the scenic Tyrolean Alps of Austria

A common way to capture 360-degree virtual reality (VR) content is to use many GoPros, and the hardy-camera maker has taken this concept and run with it with the previously announced GoPro Omni VR rig. GoPro has now released the first official sample of its GoPro Omni VR rig atop a skiing slope with professionals who know how to get the best out of the cameras while skiing.

The video featured features Swedish skiing freestyler, Jesper Tjader, and Icelandic snowboarder, Halldor Helgason, taking the Omni rig to the heights of the Serfaus Fiss Ladis in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria which proves to be a suitable setting to show off the capabilities of the 6-camera setup. The rig is made up of HERO4 cameras and the video itself it helped put together by Mettle’s Skybox Tools, a set of 360/VR Production Tools for After Effects.

gopro omni

While watching the video you can experience at first a pretty relaxing ride down the slopes at a slower speed than normal. This then quickly transforms into daring flips with beautiful displays of larger jumps and tricks. The cameras capture the snow flying by as the viewer looks around to see other jumpers taking the leap also.

The GoPro VR Omni rig is set at a price of £4,199.99 GBP, but that is with the inclusion of the six HERO4s and software, described as “A professional end-to-end solution for capturing, stitching and publishing high-resolution virtual reality and immersive content.” There is also an option to buy just the rig itself as well as the software, without the cameras, which comes at £1,299.99. Pre-orders are currently available and customers can expect their Omni rig to start shipping on 19th August this year.

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