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Jaunt is Ready For Friday 13th Spooks With Release of Escape the Living Dead

Grab your headset and some popcorn for some horror flicks today on Friday 13th

Friday 13th is a date that stirs many reactions amongst people: fear, dread, excitement, and even apathy. One thing that cannot be denied is the guilty pleasure of settling down at night to watch a horror film on this early Halloween-esque day. Jaunt, creators of cinematic virtual reality (VR) videos, have hijacked today by giving a makeover to its Jaunt app home as well as releasing its own zombie flick.

The latest piece of content to come out today is Escape the Living Dead, something that the studio described to have a “70s zombie vibe”. The retro zombie title has a moving camera throughout the film, simulating the view point of a bitten survivor as a group of heavily-armed neighbours try to escape the undead hoards.

Jaunt Friday 13th

There was a mix of long hours of hard work to create this along with trial and error which ended up as a success as the video was reportedly shot over two days out in the desert near Palm Springs in over 100 degrees farenheit – or the high-end of 37 degrees in celsius – with a stabilised air bladder camera rig used to mount the Jaunt GP16 to the bed of the truck and zombies in hair and makeup for hours before the shoot began. After those two days it took “many months” to add all the visual effects to the piece to in turn transform the location it was shot in.

As well as the film there is also a scary section of the Oculus Store and in the Samsung Gear VR store as well as the Jaunt app having its own horror-makeover.

The experience is currently available if you fancy having a VR horror night in with it available on all devices including iOS, Android, GEar V, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and if you don’t have a VR head-mounted display (HMD) then it is also available as a 360-degree film on desktop.

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