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Littlstar Launches VR Movie Watching App For HTC Vive

Watch what the platform has to offer with this free cinema app on Steam

Cinematic experiences in virtual reality (VR) have been widely acknowledged to be the most appealing to the vast majority of people, and Littlstar has recognised this and continues to expand its reaches with its many titles ranging from live music coverage to humanitarian documentaries. The latest progression in Littlestar’s growth as one of the largest VR platforms is the launch of Littlestar VR Cinema on Steam, a platform that collectively holds all of its content.

This latest application that gathers together the immersive mobile and 360-degree VR video content from the VR platform and community made its way on to Steam this week. The app provides a well-rounded service and breaks the content down into categories, including music, journalism, travel, education, movies, and lifestyle. Also featured are pages that direct users to notable content, including featured, popular, and library.

littlstar vr cinema

Littlstar has been able to expand itself with its wide selection of VR content to date, and this isn’t just by chance as the VR platform has intertwined with some of the top content creators in VR. Earlier this year it was announced at The Digital Entertainment World Expo in Los Angeles, California, that Littlstar had joined in partnership with Bento Box, meaning the two VR content platforms could expand both its horizons by creating more animated content. This however isn’t the only collaboration Littlstar has taken part in as Fusion, a multi-platform news and entertainment network, also announced their partnership in content late last year.

The Littlestar VR Cinema is currently listed on Steam as an HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) app and is free of charge to use so the 360-degree VR content is easily attainable.

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