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Magic Leap Reveals More Footage from its Secret Headset

The new trailer gives further insight into the secretive device.

Details on Magic Leap’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) are few and far between. The company is well known for being highly secretive on its development plans and updates are sporadic at best. This year a new funding round valued the firm at $4.5 billion USD, and last week it was revealed that the company purchased Israeli security firm Northbit. So it’s welcoming to see a new video that reveals some of the functionality that’s being worked for the headset.

Titled ‘A New Morning’ the short two minute trailer showcases what it might be like to use Magic Leap’s device as an everyday item. It begins with a notification popup before panning upwards to look at a weather icon detailing sunny, cloudy weather. Then several graphs come into view on 2D windows before merging into one fully 3D rendered piece.

After which a message comes through from the users daugther with information on a project she’s working on. It revolves around Mount Everest and a 3D replication of the mountain appears giving details on its height and the route Sir Edmund Hillary first took up it.

The video then proceeds to highlight what it might be like to go online shoe shopping with a 3D model of a shoe appearing. The trailer then finishes with a swarm of jellyfish floating on by.

The entire video is some of the clearest indication yet that Magic Leap plans on promoting the device as something you wear constantly, rather than a videogame unit you only wear occasionally.

As more details surface VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements on Magic Leap.

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