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Medieval Jousting Title Valiant Available on Early Access

Grab your weapon and jump on a horse in VR to impale your opponents by your teammates’ sides.

With many combat-led titles there seems to be a theme to set it in the future in space, but Offpeak Games has taken the opposite approach and is relying on raw historic entertainment with Valiant, a multiplayer jousting strategic title.

Set in the Middle Ages, Valiant lets the players charge at one another with hopes of impaling their opponent to gain victory and success. It is a multiplayer title requires players to get into teams of five and strategically plan out how to carry out their attacks with the highest accuracy. There is a range of weapons that players can try out, ranging from melee to ranged weapons. Other features include leaderboards to compare your skills against other players, full in-game positional VoIP to strategise with teammates or demoralise opponents, and 3D HRTF positional audio.

jousting valiant


The studio shared on its Steam sale page: “The full version will have additional game modes, new classes, new maps and new weapons. We will also be adding in more progression mechanics. We want this progression system to be meaningful and something that regular Valiant users help shape. We already have public leaderboards, stats, and player ranks, but haven’t decided on additional progression yet.”

The title has just released as a fully stable and playable Early Access videogame, and is discounted by 15% from £14.99 GBP down to £12.74 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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