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Minigolf VR Now Gets Oculus Rift Single Player

Minigolf VR comes to Oculus Rift.

The HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) is well suited to immersive golf videogames with its positional-tracked controllers. There’s a couple of titles already available for the HMD, with one of them Minigolf VR now supporting the Oculus Rift headset as well.

Developed by Virtualex, the studio has updated Minigolf VR’s Steam page today with the announcement that Oculus Rift CV1 owners now have access to the single player version. The update reads: “Those of you with the Oculus Rift CV1 can now play Minigolf VR using your Xbox Controllers! Both the Vive and Rift modes are contained within the same build, so your HMD will auto-detect and input will be set accordingly.

Minigolf VR screenshot 1

At this stage, only single player is supported for the rift, as there’s quite a bit that needs to be fixed in the multiplayer before it’s ready to go. In the meantime, feel free to play as much as possible, and give lots of feedback so I can make the Rift version even better!”

Minigolf VR is currently available through Steam Early Access, and HTC Vive owners also have access to the four person multiplayer. Currently planned to be completed around the end of June 2016, Virtualex will be adding a host of features for the full videogame these include: Deathmatch mode, Level Editor, at least one extra course, destructible environment objects, tournaments and more.

It’s available for £14.99 GBP, and VRFocus will bring you further updates as they’re released.

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