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No Man’s Sky Dev States Title ‘A Really Good Fit’ For VR

Sean Murray talks about the possibilities of VR and No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games’ anticipated first-person exploration title, No Man’s Sky, as cropped up on several occasions in relation to virtual reality (VR). The team has said previously that: “No Man’s Sky would be a really exciting title for VR” and “not sure how much I can say about any of this, but I do think VR is extremely cool.” Recently in an interview with IGN, Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray said of the title “I think it would be a really good fit” for the technology.

In an episode of IGN Unfiltered Murray went on to say that: “I think VR in general is incredibly exciting,” adding: “I would say I’m a believer. I have this optimism about it. I really hope everyone gets it right.”


The studio has never confirmed VR support for No Man’s Sky, only ever hinting that it would probably work well, but as it’s a small team the focus has always been on the PlayStation 4 release.

Talking about a possible scenario involving PlayStation VR he went onto sday: “If it was No Man’s Sky, if such a thing existed, being able to find a planet if you really loved and then be able to see it in 3D. I think something like that would be incredibly cool.”

It’s the studios’ intense caginess that has possibly fuelled the constant questions on VR support, as every response has never been ‘no’ and this recent interview only adds to that.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of No Man’s Sky, reporting back any new information.

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