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NVIDIA Geforce GTX VR Ready

NVIDIA Announce VR Works Audio

NVIDIA’s VR Works gets a significant audio upgrade.

NVIDIA has today announced new updates to their VR Works SDK. Audio is becoming a big part of the system it would seem, with ‘path traced audio’ being added as standard.


Path traced audio is built upon the technology built for PhysX, with the audio now based on physical geometry. The simulation model is computed in real-time, turning the audio stream into a filter that is then fed to the player based on their position and viewpoint in the world. NVIDIA suggest that this technology is ‘the world’s first physically based acoustic engine’.

 NVIDIA Geforce GTX VR Ready

Few further details are available at present, however the technology is being demonstrated in a new NVIDIA technical presentation known as NVIDIA VR Funhouse. VRFocus will report back with more details when available

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