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NVIDIA VR Funhouse

NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse Coming to Steam, Will be Open Source

NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse will be launched on Steam, and will be available as an open source project.

At a press conference yesterday NVIDIA announced a number of new initiatives for virtual reality (VR), including the Ansel in-game photography software and two new graphics cards with a number of features intended to aid the development of the new medium. The company also announced their own videogame title, VR Funhouse, which has been confirmed for launch via Steam.

A mini-game compilation set in a fairground, VR Funhouse is still currently in development. A range of activities are included, from shooting goo guns to archery. A number of easter eggs were hidden throughout the experience, as well as leaderboards for each of the disparate mini0games. As would be expected, the videogame is presented from a first-person perspective and uses motion-controllers to allow the player to interact with objects in the environment.

NVIDIA VR Funhouse

Showcased using the HTC Vive, five mini-games from VR Funhouse were playable at NVIDIA’s preview event, of which VRFocus will bring you a hands-on report very soon. Also available to experience at NVIDIA’s press conference were EVE: Valkyrie, Insomniac Games’ Edge of Nowhere and the recently revealed The Unspoken, using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and associated motion-controllers, the forthcoming Oculus Touch.

The most interesting aspect of the announcement of VR Funhouse is that NVIDIA plan to launch the title as an open source project, with a view to bringing the community on-board to create additional content for the videogame package. No details as to how this will be delivered – whether in-game tools, Steam Workshop functionality or other design software – have yet been announced. Additionally, it’s not yet clear whether creators will be able to publicly distribute their own additions, though the natural assumption would be that this is exactly what NVIDIA are aiming for.

Its also not yet been confirmed how many mini-games will be included with VR Funhouse, nor what price point the videogame will launch at. VRFocus will continue to follow VR Funhouse and NVIDIA’s other new VR projects, reporting back with all the latest details.

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