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Owlchemy Labs Release Update for Job Simulator

New update arrives for those that are vertically challenged.

Owlchemy Labs’ HTC Vive title Job Simulator has been available for almost a month now for those lucky enough to have received their head-mounted displays (HMDs). But the studio hasn’t rested on its laurels releasing a couple of updates already. The latest arrived this week adding a bunch of fixes and a new Shorter Human Mode.

Having received requests from players of a diminutive stature the studio has created the new mode so that areas previously out of reach are now accessible. On the update posting in Steam, Owlchemy Labs state: “In the museum, we’ve added a secret little door under the job kiosk that allows for enabling and disabling Shorter Human Mode.”

Job Simulator - Shorter Human Mode


The full list for updates are as follows:

  • Options panel with highly requested ‘Shorter Human Mode’ — enabled near the floor in the Museum!
  • Spectator mode able to be enabled from inside the Museum scene
  • Fixed mixed reality rendering issue
  • Fixed a few cases where the Spectator Mode hand-held camera could be permanently destroyed (will it blend?)
  • Fixed rare issue where bite sounds sometimes would not play when an object that could be blown on was near your mouth. Yep.
  • Fixed a strange missing reference in automotive
  • Fixed items in car trunks exploding wildly

The developer does also add: “Note: We’re still working on fixes to performance issues that some are seeing. We’re in the process of updating to the latest Unity to gain some performance with regard to CPU, which we hope will resolve some of the issues on lower end i5 machines.”

VRFocus will continue with its coverage of Owlchemy Labs, reporting back any further updates.

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