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Portal Stories: VR to Retain Name, New Release Date Given

Portal Stories: VR gets to keep its name.

A couple of weeks ago Portal Stories: VR developer Prism Studios announced on the videogames’ Steam page that the title would be delayed due to Valve requesting a name change. With the work involved in changing the titles name and subsequent mentions of it the studio was then looking at a 27th May launch. Over the weekend Prism Studios released a statement detailing an new agreement with Valve and bringing forward the release date.

As it turns out Valve wanted the change of name due to some people mistaking Portal Stories: VR as an official Portal videogame, which it isn’t. The two studios have now come to an agreement saying: “the decision has been made to tag Portal Stories: VR as a Portal 2 mod. This means that our store page of Portal Stories: VR is in line with that of Portal Stories: Mel. It should be clear for everyone that this is a mod for Portal 2, and that it’s not made by Valve.”

Portal Stories - VR screenshot

What this agreement does mean however is that players who want Portal Stories: VR will also need to own a copy of Portal 2 on Steam – it doesn’t need to be installed. Portal 2 is a very popular videogame and a lot of gamers may already own it, but for those that don’t it would mean having to purchase it for £14.99 GBP.

The up shot of not having to change the name means Prism Studios doesn’t have as much work to do, therefore the release date is now a week away on Tuesday, 17th May.

Portal Stories: VR  will feature ten new puzzles that have been designed around the HTC Vive’s Room Scale positional-tracking system. Alongside the new puzzles Prism Studios has created two new gadgets to play with. They are the “Aperture Science Instant Teleportation Device” and the “Aperture Science Apparatus Retrieval Tool”.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Portal Stories: VR, reporting back any further announcements.

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