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The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

Prepare For The Brookhaven Experiment With New Screenshots

New screenshots reveal the horror that awaits.

For horror fans who own a HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) next month will see the release of The Brookhaven Experiment. Created by indie developer Phosphor Games the videogame is a survival shooter where players have to battle through hordes of monsters. Several new screenshots have been released in the run up to launch.

The three images give you an idea of what sort of monsters will be coming out of the dark at you, as well as some of the upgrade options that’ll be available. Only one gun as so far been revealed, the pistol, which you can attach a laser sight to slightly helping you survive that little bit longer.

When The Brookhaven Experiment landed on Steam the developer added a demo which has helped garner a lot of interest in the virtual reality (VR) videogame. It’ll launch on 22nd June, and is still currently available to pre-order at a discount. The offer doesn’t currently state a time limit with 25 percent being currently knocked off the price, so players can snap it up for £11.24 GBP rather than £14.99.

As Phosphor Games prepare to launch The Brookhaven Experiment, VRFocus will report on any updates announced.

Brookhaven Monsters_2_Vive Brookhaven Mutants_Vive Brookhaven Upgrades_Vive

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