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Reload Studios Announce World War Toons to Be Free to Play

Devs working on World War Toons took to Twitch to explain why pre-paid is not the way.

Twitch is of course a great way to connect with not only players but developers of games, and Reload Studios took the opportunity to officially announce previously leaked information that World War Toons will soon be a free-to-play title.

The group of developers who featured on Twitch began by building up anticipation of a “huge announcement” regarding World War Toons, previously leaked accidentally by the CEO of Reload Studios, James Chung, which they soon later revealed was that it will become a free-to-play videogame, saying: “We’re going to be a free-to-play game, we’re planning on coming out later this year”.


The devs went on to explain the motives for this, saying: “The biggest reason is so we can grow the audience as far as we possibly can. We want to be global, people to log in at 2am to find enough players to find a match. We want you to have a short match-making time if you’re looking to get into a match before dinner. So, we want to have a really big audience because our game has multiplayer focus.” It was then concluded that, “We want to be something that has a long life and we’re looking to make it better year after year.”

One of the viewers asked how the studio is to gain profit from this decision, to which the devs showed uncertainty on how to answer, saying: “The way that we monetise is going to be very explosive and colourful”.


The CEO later joined the livestream to talk about the choice to make World War Toons free-to-play, saying, “We believed in the VR market from the start and knew that the market was going to stay. Our goal was to come up with a game that people could play for hundreds of hours which means it needs to have a social element and that wasn’t going to happen with a pre-paid game or a single-player game.”

More information is yet to come from the studios surrounding the full details of DLC and exact availability. Stay with VRFocus for the latest updates.

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