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Ricerca VR Coming Soon to HTC Vive on Steam

An animated art installation coming to HTC Vive.

Developers working on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) have produced a varied selection of videogames for the fledgling device. But its not just gaming that can be sampled. The Family LLC, a team of animators, will be bringing an animation installation called Ricerca VR  to the HMD soon on Steam.

Ricerca VR follows a bicyclist searching through different memories and worlds to find something he has lost over time. When the original installation was created it was shown across five separate projection screens with custom-designed 8 channel surround sound. Now the team are re-creating the installation in VR to reach a wider audience.

Ricerca screenshot 1

As The Family LLC describes it: “While Ricerca VR is no game, it presents an interesting idea of how art installations can live on in virtual space, changing our perception of a temporal-based medium into one that has the potential to live on in a digital afterlife.”

The entire experience runs for 12 minutes, after which it begins to loop. The narrative of the piece has been structured with no clear beginning of end, created in a way that draws from the director’s Buddhist beliefs of reincarnation and flow of karmic energy.

VRFocus will report back with any new updates and release date as they’re announced.

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