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Sit Back and Live Your Music With vrAMP Visualiser

Experience explosions of colours and more relaxed environments to your music

There has been a time that we have all taken a moment to become consumed by the flowing colours of a music visualiser, especially back in the days of the visualiser on Windows Media Player. Now users of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) can sit inside of the visualisation and experience it all around them with vrAMP.

The music visualister program can handle any and all music played through other programs and web browsers, as well as through the application creating a colourful collection of explosions, hazes, and shapes. Although there are few features right now as this is an Early Access title, there are a few listed future updates that users can expect to come their way, such as browsing their own music from within vrAMP, a collection of new destinations and experiences so that there are many choices and ways to feel your own music, and added visualisation effects.


The added visualisations will let the users set the colours of the particles or other effects surrounding them, but the more long term plan for the program as outlined by the developers is for the addition of different rooms and scenes to walk – or dance – around in, and to create more relaxing environments for seated experiences.  As well as these updates that will surely make this application a much more well-rounded experience, there will also be the possibility to handle glowsticks to step up the excitement.

There are very simple controls added to what is really a rather simple application, as right now in its Early Access state you are able to pause and play your own music.

The price right now for vrAMP is £8.49 GBP, a discounted price of the original £9.99, but for the final version there will be a price increase, although it isn’t stated how much.

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