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ARK Survival Evolved - Dossier_Purlovia

Studio Wildcard Unveils New Dino and Biome Changes for ARK: Survival Evolved

More content to come for the dinosaur adventure title.

ARK: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard describes itself as ‘the studio that never sleeps’, and with the amount of additional content the team continually adds to the videogame that statement is probably correct. Today the studio has announced a new dinosaur as well as a bunch of biomes changes.

Firstly Studio Wildcard has now introduced Purlovia, a stealthy predator. Purlovia’s skills lay in its ability to burrow into the ground where it can hibernate for extended periods of time. When prey wanders on by the creature burst out of its resting place devour it. While Purlovia can be tamed it’s not best suited to being used as a mount, rather as defence for a village or for staging an ambush.

ARK Survival Evolved - Biome Changes

For the biome changes the blue highlighted area of the map indicates the new Snow biome, the orange area is the new Redwood biome which replaces the previous Jungle/ Mountain area, and the green highlight is the swamp area that’ll turn into Redwood.

Alongside these changes the developer has given a sneak peek at the snow biome with several new images. These showcase a high mountain peaks, forests and ice strewn lakes.

ARK Survival Evolved - Snow Biome

The developer hasn’t said when these additions will be implemented but VRFocus will bring you the latest details as they’re announced.

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