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Survive Alien Attacks in Zenus VR Now Launched on Google Cardboard

Zap outerspace creators in an effort to stay alive

There is an increasing list of space shooter mobile games, and it isn’t just due to the popularity of virtual reality (VR) as the demand for these types of videogames dates back to the beginning of arcade games with Invaders. Adding to the collecton of VR space videogames, Zenus VR, a futuristic space FPS, developed by Gboinyee Tarr Games, has just launched for mobile-based head-mounted displays (HMD) today.

The story of the shooter is that you are the lone human survivor of an unspoken outerspace tragedy where you must wander the planet of Zenus, and naturally the alien inhabitants are not happy about this, posing as your number one threat in the videogame. The goal is simple: make it out alive. The player must make it through the title which is set 2,000 years from now, and will experience “competitive, immersive,  and seamless” gameplay, using their laser goggles to wipe out and obliterate the native aliens that live on Zenus.

zenus screen

The concept of thegame may have sounded simple enough to get a grasp on, and so will the instructions on how to get started on wiping out the aliens. The main features that structure the videogame are the fact that it’s made for VR, the open choice of automatic shooting or headset trigger shooting, and powerful laser upgrades which will come in conjunction with the time you stay alive.

The alien-shooter, Zenus VR, is currently available on iTunes at the price of £0.79 GBP. The videogame is said to be compatible with HMDs such as the Google Cardboard, Merge VR, and others of the same type, and the videogame is able to play on iPhones with the minimum requirement of iPhone 4s or later.

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