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Technicolor Aims to Bring VR Demo to Cable Next Year and Create Device

Could the cable providors also create a VR device by next year

There are countless virtual reality (VR) shows happening globally that are successful in making the technology reachable to a wider audience. Technicolor, the cable vendoring company, is to bring VR to The Internet & Television Expo (INTX) next year and also aims to use the technology to help its customers and benefit its own services.

At this year’s INTX it was reported by FierceCable, a cable news outlet, that Technicolor is developing its own VR demo that can be showcased at trad shows and other events to demonstrate how beneficial the tech can be even in the cable industry. The executives at Technicolor were also reportedly saying that they might be able to find a position in the VR industry and could go further than providing internet connection for the devices that run VR.


Martinez Amago, the Head of Technicolor’s US business, said in the report that the company “are prototyping a device for the home”, which could mean a multitude of things but the company did not specify exactly what they would do, and for an internet provider to venture into creating its own device it is uncharted territory that could be expanded on massively if one company paved the way for it.

VR has proven to be popular the the television and internet show, with other cable providers joining the race to create VR content and devices. It was also reported that Comcast was even showcasing its own hand in VR as it is in partnership with NextVR, a startup which has already put out a wide range of content ranging from sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby Live to live music events.

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