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Unity Encourages Women to Develop VR Videogames With 5 Talks

Female industry leaders share tips and experience in videogaming development

A theme that is all too common in the gaming industry is women and how more women can be encouraged to enter it to develop and play videogames. In light of this clear struggle in the industry Unity, developers of videogame development platforms, is taking a step to fill the gap between male and female developers with the launch of its Women in Gaming speaker series.

The initiative, which will feature five different talks across the world, is aimed at promoting discussion concerning the lack of female developers and the diversity of women’s careers in videogaming. Each talk will include tips and shared experiences of industry leaders and touches on all types of videogame development including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

unity women

Elizabeth Brown, Chief People Officer at Unity Technologies, said in a press release: “As we began to look at more ways to develop our employees internally, we realised it made sense to broaden our efforts industry wide,” She goes on to explain: “These events are an important platform for women to come together in a collaborative setting and learn from each other, which is key to ensuring their ongoing success in the gaming and tech communities.”

The five talks will be: Fiona Sperry, Founder of Three Fields Entertainment, on 1st June in Amsterdam; Dana Carney, Assistant Professor at UC Berkley, on 20th June in California; Amy Huang, AVP at NetEase Capital, Evelyn Lio, CTO at Firevale, and Yanyan Xion, Founder of Shenzenware, on 28th July in Shanghai; Nanea Reeves, President and COO of textPlus, on 22nd September in California; and Tracy Fullerton, Professor at USC, in November from California also.

Each of the talks will be public but there is limited seating and there is more information on each of the talks on the blog post made by Brown.

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