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Vintage VR screenshot 2

Vintage VR Arrives on Steam for HTC Vive

View historic stereoscopic images with this new app.

There’s been a steady stream of content released via Steam for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Launching today from developer Dunderware is Vintage VR, an experience that lets modern virtual reality (VR) headset owners view stereoscopic images from the 19th century.

Over a century ago inventors experimented with creating 3D images by developing the first stereoscopes. These were devices containing lenses that held a picture with the same image sat side-by-side. Now Vintage VR will allow HTC Vive owners to view a collection of over 700 of these images, letting you see how far technology has come.

Vintage VR screenshot 1

Set in a single room decorated in a Victorian style the images are laid out like paintings, located on the walls of the room. The stereoscopic pictures have been selected for the best effect, although due to the era in which they were taken won’t be as good as modern stereo images typically are.

Vintage VR is free to download and explore, giving you some insight into the history of this photographic technique. VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest releases from Steam as further content is added.

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