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VIRTUAnimator Screenshot

VIRTUAnimator Allows You to Create Animated Scenes for VR in VR

Pheonise’s VIRTUAnimator allows users to create animated scenes for VR whilst in VR.

A new virtual reality (VR) application from Pheonise, VIRUTAnimator, has today launched via Steam. Compatible with the HTC Vive, this new software program invites users to animate their own VR action scenes and short movies.

VIRTUAnimator Screenshot

VIRUTAnimator is designed to offer an easy animation tool for VR. Allowing anyone to create animated scenes by simply moving objects in virtual space with supported motion controllers, users can then share their animations with other users of the application or, with the aid of a forthcoming update, export as an MP4 file.

Keeping things simple, users simply load a scene, spawn some objects and then manually pose them as they wish. Creating keyframes, the user is able to create moving objects that will realistically impact upon one another in subsequent frames.

VIRUTAnimator features Steam Workshop support, allowing users to add new content including weapons, props, characters and even entire scenes. A basic suite of particle and lighting effects is included as standard, and will likely also be added to in due course.

VIRTUAnimator Screenshot

Creativity within VR is becoming more and more standardised, as Epic Games’ own VR Editor software has now been incorporated into Unreal Engine 4 as standard and similar efforts from Unity Technologies and Crytek are being developed for Unity 5 and CryEngine V, respectively. VIRUTAnimator is a simplified version of these development suites, aimed at consumers opposed to videogame and motion-picture developers.

Available to download now via Steam, VIRUTAnimator is offered with a 10% launch discount at £6.29 GBP. The typical price for the application will be £6.99. A series of tutorials, including video and content creation guides, are already available. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on VIRUTAnimator and other VR projects from Pheonise.

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