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VRTV #6: Negotiator VR, EVE Fanfest & More

Brbora discusses the morality of babies in airvents and VRTV sees how VR took over Iceland

VRTV has rolled round once again but not quite in the form it normally comes in. Viewers are in for a treat as this episode features an interview with the developer of Negotiator VR, an award winning virtual reality (VR) videogame that as today launched its Kickstarter campaign, and VRTV takes viewers over to Iceland for the EVE Fanfest followed by a themed competition and prize.

Bojan Brbora of 4PM Games joins Zeena Al-Obaidi in the studio to share details regarding the independent studio’s first in-house and award winning VR project, Negotiator VR. Brbora talks of the general concept, possible narrative strands, and of the Kickstarter campaign which has only just started which requires £15,000 GBP by 3rd June.

The twist of the episode comes after Brbora’s interview as VRTV will be showing a special EVE Fanfest feature. VRTV speaks to various CCP Games developers such as Joe Russo from CCP Atlanta regarding Project Arena, Ray Tran who gives the lowdown on how CCP Games are expanding Gunjack, and Sigurdur ‘Siggi’ Gunnarsson who leads the team developing EVE: Valkyrie. Also featured is Hilmar Veigar, CEO of CCP Games, QuantumDelta and Wan5, the third and first best pilots of EVE: Valkyrie, and VRTV also included some of the fans who attended and stood out on the show floor.

Also featured in this episode is the all-important competition and prize giveaway where the viewers are asked where each of the prize items showed up during the special feature. If viewers can give the correct and full answers they are automatically put into the draw to receive the goodie bag containing EVE branded gloves and hat, bag, and copy of Empires of EVE – and there might even be an extra treat thrown in. To enter comment below, on the YouTube video also below, or tweet @ZeenaVRFocus with the answers before 16th May.

Watch the latest episode below and look out for a Behind the Scenes on how this episode of VRTV was made. In the meantime, stay with VRFocus for the latest in VR.

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