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Bullet Train

Watch FMX Attendees React to Bullet Train on Oculus Rift

Epic Games gets reactions to its first-person tech demo.

Epic Games has today released a new video featuring their hugely popular virtual reality (VR) technical demonstration, Bullet Train. Watch special effects and digital artists experience the virtual mayhem of an train station under siege in this brand new ‘reactions’ video.

First unveiled at Oculus Connect 2, Hollywood, September 2015, Bullet Train is currently a technical demonstration showcasing the capabilities of the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch motion-controllers. The software has been made available to industry and public gameplay sessions on many occasions and has built a strong following in the VR community. Though not yet having progressed beyond the point of technical demonstration, work on Bullet Train as a project is currently ongoing.

VRFocus got a hands-on with Bullet Train at the event mentioned and was impressed with how the initial demo felt and played, with it being a fun title with an impressive visual quality. This latest video comes from FMX 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, a three day event covering art, technology and business.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Epic Games’ Bullet Train, reporting back with any new information.

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