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Canadian Screen Makers IGNIS Signs Patent Agreement With LG Display For Tech Crucial to VR

Technology will be shared between the two to enhance screens for VR.

One thing that plays a major role in determining which head-mounted display (HMD) stands above the others is the quality of its display, and how clear the visuals come out for the best immersion. LG Display has now signed a non-exclusive patent license agreement with IGNIS to enhance OLED displays, which in turn is crucial for screens that are used for virtual reality (VR) screens.

The type of screen in particular that will see the benefits is AMOLED, which is something that you would typically hear associated with smartphone screens, and those such as Samsung and LG use it – rather than LCD – which would then reflect onto their mobile-based VR capabilities. In this license IGNIS will provide LG Display access to its circuit technology, which is said to be important for today’s AMOLED applications.

lg display

IGNIS is a Canada-based display technology company, and by pairing up with LG Display there is potential to combine the knowledge of the two companies and will push mobile VR into a faster pace of development.

“Our team is excited to have LG Display, a global leader and innovator when it comes to OLED displays, as a partner,” said Peter Monsberger, Chief Executive Officer of IGNIS Innovation Inc, in a press release. “The efforts of IGNIS over the last 10 years have been focused on circuit technology as a viable solution for material and device issues inherent in emissive displays. This effort has resulted in significant know-how and Intellectual Property being developed by IGNIS, which is available to our partners including LG Display. I am sure that the collaboration between the two companies will contribute to further expanding the rapidly growing OLED display market.”

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