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Dead and Buried Gets New Official Artwork

Take a look at the Oculus Touch shooter.

Dead & Buried is a virtual reality (VR) videogame title whose progress we’ve been following for a while. The title was first announced in September of last year at Oculus Connect 2 in Hollywood, where it was revealed to be a creation of Oculus VR’s own internal development studio to be used with the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers. Though it had a fairly unimpressive first demo at Oculus Connect 2, the shooter title flourished massively at the 2016 Game Developers’ Conference (GDC) where it returned with a vengeance, appearing be an engaging multiplayer shooter experience set in the Wild West.

VRFocus got the chance to talk to Dead & Buried‘s developers at GDC where they gave us some more details about the title and how it would play and they also gave us a look at the title in action. A 2 vs.2 shooter, Dead & Buried pits players against each other from either side of Wild West saloon, where to survive they must move, ducking and diving, to use the room for cover. The title is able measure a player’s location based on their head position in combination with the tracking technology in the Oculus Touch controllers. When VRFocus got some hands-on time with the title we found it had come on leaps and bounds from its first demo and we’ve genuinely been excited to see more. Now, it has entirely new official artwork to pore over that features some wonderful character designs and some incredibly cool looking weaponry, as well as a red and black shootout image that we’d love to see as a poster.

Dead & Buried - Logo

Dead & Buried - App Icon

Dead & Buried - Outlaw

Dead & Buried - Shootout

Dead & Buried - Undertaker

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Dead & Buried and post developments as they happen.

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