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Google Declares Educational VR App to Redefine School Trips

Forget permission slips and last minute pay ups for school trips with Expeditions.

Google has its own blog surrounding its efforts towards education, and it has been acknowledged that one of the four best new tools to “help teachers do what they do best” includes virtual reality (VR), and it’s one of Google’s own apps that proves it.

Google’s own app Expeditions, which came from a beta experiment that was launched in September 2015 called Expeditions Pioneer Program, can be downloaded onto a range of different devices to open up a world of 200 expeditions to choose from. Students need not worry about the cost of school trips anymore as they are open to these worlds, and it is accessible on Google Cardboard as well as other means. One million students across 11 countries have already been taken on one of these school trips with the beta version, and Google is hoping for a wider reach with this official release.

google expeditions

The range of content that is available for on the app for both students and teachers is vast: “Our content offering has also grown and now includes Expeditions made by established educational content providers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Pearson is beginning work on Expeditions content as well.”

There will also be Expedition kits available for sale by Best Buy Education that will contain everything teachers need to take classes on these long term low cost, but short term highly rated school trips, which will include enough tablet tablets for a class (30), Google Cardboards that can also match that same number, and a router to connect them all together for a joint adventure.

The app is available now for download for free, and it is said that it will also be available on iPhone and iPad soon, but for right now it is downloadable for Android that can handle VR applications. The kits are also available for pre-order and will ship in time for back to school times,

For the latest news and updates in the world of VR, as well as the most up to date VR applications for education that can be used in classrooms, stay with VRFocus.

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