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Harmonix Music VR Lets Players Create the Perfect Dance Party in Latest Trailer For E3

Choose to jam with robots or chill out on an alien beach while listening to your favourite tunes.

There have been a few example of music visualisers in virtual reality (VR), but none have shown much completition in its ventures. Now ahead of the major gaming event, E3, Harmonix Music VR has released a trailer showcasing all of the different features that can be played around with while streaming music.

In the trailer featured below there are several different kinds of way the user can visualise and live their music. In some modes the landscape afar works as an equaliser bar with the skyline of mountains bumping up and down to the rhythm of the sounds, and others feature a room full of krumping bots getting loose. There is also the ablity to craft your own worlds as is also shown in the trailer below, with the resizing of palm trees.

Officially there are four different worlds that can be explored and manipulated including The Beach with the transforming surroundings, The Easel, and The Dance where your robot buddies join the fun. One thing that is common through all of these worlds is the use of contrasting colours that brings out the vibrance of your favourite tracks.

This musical VR experience works with any song you decide to play in your PlayStation 4 music library by loading tracks via a USB flash drive, or alternatively there is the choice to choose from 17 tracks that come as part of the Harmonix Music VR package. This includes songs from the cul classic beatmatch rythm game Amplitude, A City Sleeps, and a few home grown gems from Harmonix’s M-Cue.

With the trailer emerging before E3 it can be assumed that there will be a lot of noise to come from this PlayStation VR exclusive title, so make sure to check back with VRFocus for the latest on the title, as well as all news and updates in the world of VR.

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