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V ARRR screenshot 1

Head Out on a Swashbuckling Adventure in V ARRR

Defend your ship from invading pirates.

If it’s a life of adventure on the high seas you’re after, fighting pirates along the way then checkout V ARRR for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

V ARRR is a virtual reality (VR) shooter where the objective is to defend your ship  from hordes of invading pirates. You need to hunt down the biggest ship but every time you set sail the difficulty increases. Defence is key, so you can find items located around your ship to build it up before the pirates attack and try to capture your vessel. V ARRR is a purely defence style videogame, there’s no control over your ship or any free roam functionality involved.

Each travel sequence will give you new skills and weapons to unlock helping aid your quest for ocean dominance. Once V ARRR has been completed the 100 Pirate War will become available. This new mode allows players to compete one at a time with friends for the best highscore, by killing as many pirates as possible.

Created by Blackjard Softworks, V ARRR suits both standing and seated play styles. The videogame is currently on offer through Steam with a 25 percent discount in place until 17th June 2016. This reduces the price down from £14.99 GBP to £11.24.

As further VR titles arrive on Steam VRFocus will bring you the latest content.

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