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HTC Vive CV1 / HTC Vive Consumer Version

HTC Vive Launches Online Accessories Shop

The items listed and available, including cables and cushions, vary with each location.

Now that the consumer HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and videogames have launched, it seems as though HTC Vive is looking to better itself from the inside out, just as Oculus has been doing with the addition of the search and browse feature for their store online. HTC Vive has now launched an accessories section to its website where HTC Vive owners can buy the smaller components to the Vive.

It has emerged today that HTC Vive brought this new addition to life, and the accessories that feature in the store are what you cannot buy elsewhere. This is the list of the items currently available in the UK, and are priced as GBP: 3-in-1 Cable (£35.00), Base Station (£121.99), Controller (1 x £116.99), Face Cushion – Set of 2 (£23.99), HTC Link Box (£26.99), Nose Rest – Set of 3 (£11.99), Face Cushion Protector – Set of 100 (£84.99), and a USB Extension Cable (£8.99).

HTC Vive Accessories

The store has all the features of a modern online shop, including My Basket, but prices above do not include VAT or shipping, so the prices may very well vary from location to location.

It should be noted, however, that accessibility of purchase varies with each country, as does availability of product. In the UK there are the items listed above, but it appears as though you cannot add anything to the basket. In the US, however, there is only the Face Cushion – Set of 2, Nose Rest – Set of 3, annd USB Extension Cable that are available. Make sure to check out what is available or not in your location, and whether or not it is readily available to be added to the basket.

Also available on the website is, of course, the HMD itself at £689, which is made up of each of the accessories listed above and in the store, its experiences, Vive optimised PCs, and the Vive Business Edition, priced at £920.

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