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Imagination Collaborates with 3Glasses on Ray Tracing for VR

The two companies firmly set their sights on promoting ray tracing for VR.

In an announcement today, global tech company Imagination Technologies has announced a collaboration with China-based 3Glasses on the promotion of ray tracing technology in the virtual reality (VR) market.

Ray tracing allows videogames and apps to use real-life dynamic lighting models, enabling advanced lighting effects, dynamic soft shadows, and life-like reflections and transparencies.

Imagination’s PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing IP could be the next major disruption in mobile and consumer graphics, able to deliver realism and performance at mobile power budgets and cost constraints.

3Glasses product_07_01

Volker Politz, VP segment marketing, Imagination said in a statement: “Earlier this year we demonstrated that our PowerVR Wizard GR6500 ray tracing GPU can achieve up to 50x the efficiency of a desktop GPU in a ray tracing scene. This technology presents an opportunity for VR companies to provide clear differentiation in their future devices. We’re collaborating with 3Glasses, an innovative VR provider, to help push ground-breaking solutions for this exciting and rapidly growing market.”

3Glasses, product brand of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology Ltd., develops VR and augmented reality (AR) devices, SDKs, and services to VR content developers. Wei Huang, CSO, 3Glasses, says: “3Glasses is a leading manufacturer of VR products in China. Our products are designed to be accessible and affordable to everyday consumers while incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies. PowerVR ray tracing technology is unique high-end graphics technology that is available in mobile power budgets and form factors. We look forward to this technology enabling our VR products to go to the next level. 3Glasses is delighted to collaborate with a technology leader like Imagination to investigate the possibilities, and we will persist in creating innovative products for the consumer market.”

Mobile VR is one of the most hotly contested areas, with Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard dominating, but with a raft of other head-mounted displays (HMDs) on, or coming to market such as PICO VR or Google Daydream later this year, its an industry set to grow quickly.

Imagination Technologies and 3Glasses haven’t detailed when their ray tracing promotion will begin, but VRFocus will keep you updated with the latest details.

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