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InCell VR screenshot

InCell VR Has Now Appeared on Oculus Home

Now Oculus Rift owners can download InCell direct from the hub.

Nival VR’s virtual reality (VR) jaunt into the body with InCell VR launched for the Oculus Rift DK2 back in September 2015. When the consumer version arrived at the end of March this year support for the new head-mounted display (HMD) was also implemented. But the title was only available through Steam, this week though Nival VR has finally got the videogame onto Oculus Home.

InCell VR screenshot

InCell is a racing game in a similar vein to Tammeka Games’ Radial-G, where the tracks are a complete cylinder, but this time you’re racing inside the human body. There’s a story behind it all to. InCell casts the player as a medical professional working with a robot called TMEAR07. A volunteer has been infected with a virus so the player’s character is shrunk to microscopic level and enters the host’s nervous system, racing to administer a vaccine direct to the nuclei stopping the virus.

The races are procedurally generated and feature multiple routes so players get a fresh experience each time they play. Both the Steam and Oculus Home versions of InCell are free to download (when originally launched the title cost £3.99 GBP).

Nival VR has a body theme running through its videogames as its other VR title InMind also take players into the microscopic cellular world. Also available for the Oculus Rift but only through Steam, InMind tours the brain of a mentally disordered patient, attempting to eliminate damaged neurons.

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