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Insomniac’s Feral Rites to Make Playable Debut at E3

Insomniac Games to bring Feral Rites to this year’s E3.

Insomniac Games has today confirmed that Feral Rites, an Oculus Rift exclusive title developed with the aid of Oculus VR’s own publishing team, is set to make its playable debut at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles. The third title set to launch exclusively for the Oculus Rift from Insomniac Games, lead by the recently launched Edge of NowhereFeral Rites is an action-brawler title set in a mythical world.

Insomniac Games previously spoke with VRFocus about Feral Rites, offering details on the setting of the videogame as well as what virtual reality (VR) can bring to this well worn videogame genre. According to the studio, it’s an opportunity to do something brand new with an aging genre template.

Feral Rites - 2

Feral Rites is what we’re calling an adventure brawler. It’s trying to combine the feel of adventure of Zelda with the brutal combat of God of War. It takes place on kind of a lush exotic jungle island which is a very dangerous world. The big premise pushing it along narratively is you’re the young son of a Chieftain who was slain and you’re trying to find and get revenge on the killer of your father, and so you’re travelling through different parts of this island in different exotic island to find who is your father’s killer and to enact revenge on them,” stated Cameron Christian, Lead Designer on Feral Rites at Insomniac Games.

“I think for us doing this game in VR really gives us an opportunity to showcase Insomniac’s worlds in an immersive 360 environment, really trying to get the presence of being in the jungle, having that jungle surround you so you feel like you’re really inside of it. Also it being in VR it gives us really cool and very present shots of when you’re doing these finisher of up-close combat moves.”

Feral Rites was originally announced alongside The Unspoken back in April of this year. No release date has yet been announced for Feral Rites, but VRFocus will be getting hands-on with the videogame this week and reporting back with all the latest details.

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