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Life In 360°: New Line Cinema Conjures Up A Scare Or Two

A tie-in for the recent cinematic release confirms things do indeed go bump in the night.

So E3 is over for another year. If you’ve just returned from Los Angeles you may want to check back through our news and features on the front page to get yourselves up to date – there’s been a lot happening in your absence. If you’ve been here with me throughout last week thanks for sticking about and as of tomorrow normal service will be resumed with Peter and Zeena on hand with all manner of updates. I’m told there’s a featrue related to 360 degree video coming from the event too, so that’s something for regular readers to look forward to.

Since you’re in my hands today still whilst they fly back we’re going to begin with something to really get the adrenaline pumping and clear those post-E3 cobwebs away. Or perhaps you’ll gain a few more, who knows, as today’s 360 is a tie-in to new film sequel The Conjuring 2.

“In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London, England, where single mother Peggy Hodgson believes that something evil is in her home. When Peggy’s youngest daughter starts showing signs of demonic possession, Ed and Lorraine attempt to help the besieged girl, only to find themselves targeted by the malicious spirits.”

And targeted you will be. Yes. You will…

You can view the video (if you’re brave enough) on YouTube below and Life In 360° will be back on VRFocus Wednesday


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