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Mystery Title Pluto to Bring Crossed Timeline Narrative to VR

This mystery title will blur fantasy and what is real next year on VR.

Pluto is the latest title to come to virtual reality (VR), and with its play on timelines and what players consider is real or not, it looks to be one of the more complex videogames that can be enjoyed in the virtual world.

Interestingly dubbed an AAA-Indie game, Pluto is a narrative-heavy and multi-layered videogame where computer engineer John and his daughter realise that these objects that had been collected during the 1960s are affecting their memories and realities. the player will be moving between different time zones, and in turn John’s house will also be changing in terms of content, appearance, and clues.

pluto gameshot

Andy Campbell, one half of Pluto’s development team, talks about the nature of the videogame: “Pluto narratively toys with the concept of time, offering a series of windows into characters’ lives at different points in their personal histories” He goes on to say: “Pluto also explores – through the central gameworld – that concept of other places existing where time no longer feels stable or linear. Through the game and browser-based story, we’re constructing a storyworld where perceptions are stretched beyond the ‘real’ as you think you know it.”

The developers, Campbell and Mez Breeze, have already set up a development blog where they have discussed issues that they have come across, and they have further screenshots and progress videos of Pluto’s development.

Pluto will be come out on an app, a VR or 3D videogames, and a browser-based story. The title will be available on PC and Mac first, followed by the official VR launch in the first quarter of 2017. Although it hasn’t been confirmed which HMD the developers will be releasing the title on, there will be further updates to come.

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