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PlayStation VR Japan Games Line-up Revealed

Japanese titles will include Hatsune Miku and Summer Lesson.

Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference had lots of exciting announcements for virtual reality (VR) fans. It was revealed that the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset would be released in America on October 13 2016 and before the year is out the device will have a library of 50 VR titles to choose from, including some extremely exciting exclusives. Some of the exclusives announced included Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil VII, Batman: Arkham VR, and first person space shooter Far Point.

In a slightly quieter online affair, it was also revealed that the PSVR headset would be launching in Japan on October 13 too, with customers able to choose between a stand-alone headset to add to their existing PlayStation for ¥44,980 JPY or a PlayStation VR Camera bundle that will include the HMD PlayStation Camera as well as the PSVR headset for ¥?49,980.

Though PSVR will be released in Japan at the same time as it will be released in America, Japanese gamers will have their own exclusives to look forward to some of which have been revealed on the PlayStation Japan website in a VR videogame line-up that’s recently been posted.

The line-up shows a whole host of PSVR dedicated and compatible games that we already know are going to be released globally such as Tekken 7, Eagle Flight, and Until Dawn as well as some of the exciting exclusives announced at the press conference on June 13. However, there are also notable Japanese titles on the list, including rhythm action performance videogame Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live from SEGA and social simulator Summer Lesson from Namco Bandai. Both titles will be available to purchase when the PSVR headset launches on October 13th.

There’s no confirmation on whether either of these titles will be released internationally but they certainly give the PSVR headset’s content some variety for Japanese audiences.

hatsune miku vr future live

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