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Scares Await Those Brave Enough to Watch Haunted

A new horror experience arrives for the Gear VR.

Virtual reality (VR) is such an engaging experience that it suits certain genres – whether its movies or videogames – particularly well. One of those happens to be horror, and if you like jumping out of your seat as scary things try to get you, VR can take it to a new level. On Samsung’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, there’s a mixture of videogames (Dreadhalls, Dead Secret) and 360-degree experiences (Sisters) to choose from, and now there’s one more.

Launched this week by developer Vryx comes a 360-degree horror experience called Haunted. Similar to Otherworld Interactive’s popular title Sisters, Haunted gives viewers no control. It’s all about watching, listening and waiting to see what happens.

Haunted screenshot 1

As you’ve probably seen plenty of times before in movies, Haunted takes the premise that the character thinks they’re alone in a house, naturally they’re not but this time it’s you in those shoes.

The VR experience should be comfortable for most to watch – motion sickness wise – but Vryx does state the experience contains strong images and scary scenes just in case. Haunted can be downloaded through the Oculus Store for $0.99 USD, and doesn’t require a separate gamepad to enjoy.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gear VR, reporting back with all the latest content.

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