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Secret Sorcery’s PlayStation VR Game No Longer a Secret: Tethered

“A simple, unique and completely immersive strategy game for PlayStation VR.”

One year ago this month a small team of former Evolution Studios developers announced their plans to launch a new studio dedicated to virtual reality (VR) development, Secret Sorcery. Today, that studio has revealed its first project: the PlayStation VR’s Tethered.

A strategy videogame in which the player takes on the role of a god in command of small clans of ‘peeps’, Tethered is designed from the ground-up for VR. Using gaze controls based on the player’s viewpoint with the head-mounted display (HMD) in combination with a DualShock 4 controller, the player must issue commands to their peeps to gather resources, construct new buildings and prepare their defences for nightfall. When the sky goes dark, things change dramatically.

No longer a simple case of building a home for the peeps, night time brings out evil slug-like creatures with a taste for the player’s minions. Here, the player must defend their land by sending their peeps off to fight or barricading them behind the defence structures they managed to build during the day time.

Tethered is a simple, unique and completely immersive strategy game for PlayStation VR,” stated Scott Kirkland, Managing Director of Secret Sorcery when speaking to VRFocus. “In the game you play the part of a spirit guardian and you awaken one day to find something terrible has happened to your world. Creatures have ransacked your land, and you need to restore balance. You do that by giving purpose to the peeps.”

Secret Sorcery are planning to debut a playable build of Tethered at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, next week. In this ‘pre-alpha’ build players will learn the basics of the videogame’s tethering mechanics and the tasks that can be assigned to the peeps, as well as facing some of the unfortunate fates that they might encounter through mismanagement.

Tethered is set to launch in the latter part of 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation VR. VRFocus has already been hands-on with Tethered ahead of this year’s E3 and will bring you a detailed report later this week.


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