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Here Be Dragons

VR Studio Vrse.works is Now Here Be Dragons After Name Change and Studio Expansion

Following VRSE’s own rebranding, VRSE.works rings the changes.

Vrse.works has produced a range of immersive video-based virtual reality (VR) content, and will continue to, except now it is changing more as a studio with additional award-winning technical, creative, and production executives being taken on. With these changes, Vrse.works has decided to change its name to Here Be Dragons.

Here Be Dragons co-founder Chris Milk said in a statement issued in the press release: “We are very excited to announce we are changing the name of our creative agency / production company Vrse.works to Here Be Dragons. On old maps, uncharted territory would be marked by the term Here Be Dragons. And for the first time in nearly a century, we now face a similar uncharted territory at the birth of a new medium; a completely unexplored frontier for storytelling, communication and human connection.

Here Be Dragons

“I’m very proud of the team of creative, production and technical artists that have joined Here Be Dragons over the past two years. We’ve produced some incredible work with agencies, brands, and beyond.  Our roster of creators have each uniquely defined their careers by mixing mediums and innovating the connection between their work and the audience. Together, they are discovering, writing and crafting the language fundamental to VR storytelling.”

Here Be Dragons co-founder and CEO, Patrick Milling-Smith, also added the newcomers who will be reshaping the studio: “We are delighted to welcome, on the back of such an exciting week with the reception and accolades for The Displaced, Waves of Grace and the Conservation International experience Valen’s Reef, new members to the Here Be Dragons executive team including Edu Pou (Barbarian Group, Wieden & Kennedy, CP+B), who joins as our new Executive Creative Director, Justin Denton who joins as Technical Creative Director and Frederik Frizell (Mediamonks, Stopp), who joins as new COO.  And we are thrilled to finally have found a name that feels truly representative of the spirit of the company”.

VRFocus will keep up to date with Here Be Dragons’ developments and content, but in the meantime check back for the latest VR news and updates.


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